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ALBA Riki Watanabe Solar models will release on JAN/2009 from Seiko japan

check out official site at

Riki Watanabe Solar watch

Promster Radio Wave Diver's

I got many request about Promaster Radio Wave Diver's line,
Radio wave function only work with JP signal.
SO if you use it out side of japan,It is regular Quartz watch.

Hopeing it will have multi wave function in next year.


Mr Richard with Seiko Spacewalk Spring Drive

I dont have release date and details yet,
may be spring on 2009?
keeping post it.

 Merry Christmas!   2008/12/22 (Mon)




I Wish you all have a great holiday season.


 Our OITA City Night  2008/12/16 (Tue)

I living in OITA CITY ( southern part of japan)
Not big city,but bery comfortable to live., cloudy
That I like a LOT
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 19 Pompon?  2008/12/16 (Tue)

Well Come Back Ichiro!
He is in Japan now...I was thinking He had holiday at japan
but He are in Stadium for WBC.
always cool Ichiro..I like you.

Source-COOL Ichiro

Japan WBC Members
 SEIKO-M  2008/12/13 (Sat)

SEIKO-M the electronic-ink display 1000 Pieces limited model which was released on this AUG/2008
will be exhibited at 10 days from December 12th to 21st of this year by "kansei -Japan Design Exhibition-" in France Paris.
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 PAYPAL  2008/12/12 (Fri)

Dear All,.

We are accept paypal payment amount in USD,EURO,JPN at now,

Please ask us for the price which you are looking for.

Thank you and Have a Nice week end.


 Last SAMURAI  2008/12/12 (Fri)

We luckly find one piece SBDA005 Orange Samurai,
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 What is this?  2008/12/09 (Tue)

Japanese Green tea can?
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