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 It's a nice car!  2009/01/28 (Wed)

but car number......umm

 Who catches the coin?  2009/01/28 (Wed)


Seiko will release Prospex 1000m divers Robert Marks collaboration model
on APR/2009
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 Too Bad!!!  2009/01/20 (Tue)


I just had bad news from Seiko JP
The SBBN007 and SBBN011 will be discontinued.
The SBBN011 already discontinued and few stock on seiko now.
The SBBN007 will be available some on FEB which will last production.
It should be release new quartz divers on APR,
I cannot say anything about new one at now,.
hope good one coming up sooner.

 Men In Rusty Black  2009/01/20 (Tue)

Men In Rusty Black will release on the end of FEB, for JDM market
The Frogman up-coming!!
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Konbannwa !

I show you some nice Ski Movie in Hokkaido Niseko
You can see realy nice powder.

 Tokyo Auto SALON 2009  2009/01/15 (Thu)

Tokyo Auto SALON 2009 on 09-11/JAN in tokyo last week end
I'd like to go there to see some new cars,..but too far from my home.
looks nice customized cars and many prety Tokyo Girls.

Who is the best?

Tokyo Auto SALON 2009
 Wow new diver coming!  2009/01/14 (Wed)

NEW 6R15divers up coming on MAR/2009 in japan market,
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New LandMaster Spring Drive will release on MAR/2009
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 Hokkaido Ski  2009/01/13 (Tue)

We went to Hokkaido Rusutsu Ski Mountain this winter break with my family,
Yeah! lot of white powder snow!!
I was supprized that I met many of skier from USA and AU in this time.
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Anniversary of 20 years old in japan today,
A beautiful young woman puts on the kimono.

A happy life to all!

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